Still Toking With
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5 months ago

S4E22 - Still Toking with Eric Rolon (Voice Actor)

Hell ya Kendo Rappa is in the house

Episode Notes

S4E22 Join us as we dive into the mind of Eric Rolon. He'll take us from the early days of singing to voicing Mohl in Black Clover. Eric Rolon was born on 27 January 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. He is an actor, known for Black Clover (2017), A Certain Magical Index (2008) and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (2022). NEWS FLASH You can now purchase Toking with the Dead full novel here

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MORE ABOUT OUR GUESTS: HEY Y'ALL, I'M ERIC! I began acting and singing when I was 4 in church plays and musicals. In years to come I was trained classically as a singer while taking acting classes in high school, and performing in school plays and choral ensembles. While working on my Illustration BFA at Northern Illinois University I participated in an acting internship at Walt Disney World as a character & parade performer before returning home to complete my degree. I have since completed my BFA, studied improv at The Second City in Chicago, and acted in TV shows, Movies, Industrials, Commercials, and Anime. Currently I am working with my wife Kylie as an audiobook narrator and engineer. I am excited to see what the future holds and am loving the journey. "If you ever catch hell, don't hold it. And if you're going through hell, don't stop. Because if flames can rise, then so can you." - Me

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