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S3E23 - Still Toking with Roger Kabler (Actor, Comedian, Director)

Still Toking with Roger Kabler (Actor, Comedian, Director)

Episode Notes

Join us as we dive into the warped mind of the great comedian Roger Kabler -- He'll take us on a most epic journey from his Directorial Debut of "Being Robin" to his days n Hollywood. Learn more about Being Robin ————————————————— This episode is sponsored by Deadly Grounds Coffee "Its good to get a little Deadly" ————————————————— Check out Toking with the Dead Episode 1 Check out Toking with the Dead Episode 2 Buy awesome Merchandise! ————————————— Follow our guest ————————————————— Follow Still Toking With and their friends! ————————————— Produced by Leo Pond and The Dorkening Podcast Network Dead Dork Radio Check out Green Matters: BEING ROBIN A man believes he is possessed by the spirit of Robin Williams. Whether he is truly at the center of spiritual event or he is delusional, he mounts an hysterical and touching stage tribute to Robin which becomes a hit around America. No actual images or vocals or Robin Williams were used in this film. Based on true events. I am a comedian and impressionist. I was always inspired by Robin Williams and, like millions, I was hit hard by his loss. And then I was haunted. So much so, in fact, at moments I felt possessed by him: felt his presence strongly and sometimes involuntarily acted as him. I was labeled "delusional" as I am bi-polar. In response, I created a stage show as a tribute. That he should be remembered for his miraculous work, wit, genius and humanity. I then decided to tell my story in a film, using footage from the live show and reenacting events around it. I raised money and hired a crew to shoot it. Then Covid hit, and we couldn't finish. During that time, I decided to wrap the footage we had with narration to fill in the gaps. I then spent two years editing. This film has elements of a documentary, with re-enactments of actual events, and a bit of fantasy. So it's not a true documentary. Whatever it is, this is my love song to Robin Williams.

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