Still Toking With
Season 1
4 months ago

S5E1 - Still Toking with Kathy Garver (Actress & Voice Actor)

Cissy is in the house

Episode Notes

S5E1 -- Join us we chat with the legendary Kathy Garver. She'll take us on her journey from "The Ten Commandments" to "Family Affair" and beyond Kathy Garver is an American actress most remembered for having portrayed the teenaged orphan, Catherine "Cissy" Davis, on the popular 1960s CBS sitcom, Family Affair. Before that, she was cast by Cecil B. DeMille in the film The Ten Commandments (1956), and after that, she provided the voice of Firestar in the animated television series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (1981–83). Garver authored The Family Affair Cookbook (2009), Surviving Cissy: My Family Affair of Life in Hollywood (2015), and X Child Stars: Where are They Now? (2016). NEWS FLASH You can now purchase Toking with the Dead full novel here You can see all your past favorite episodes now streaming on OR Show your support by purchasing FB stars. Send stars to the stars

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Sponsorship Opportunities or email us at [email protected] [email protected] ————————————— Follow our guest ———————— Follow Still Toking With and their friends! ————————————— Produced by Leo Pond and The Dorkening Podcast Network Dead Dork Radio MORE ABOUT OUR GUEST: Garver was born in Long Beach, California, the daughter of Rosemary (Schmoker) and Hayes Garver.She was raised Roman Catholic and attended a Catholic primary school. Garver recalled that her mother began getting her into acting from a young age: "I started singing and dancing at the Meglin Studios in Hollywood, at three years old, as was Shirley Temple, who was also discovered there. I think my mom had the vision of her little daughter as Shirley Temple."When she was nine, she was cast in I'll Cry Tomorrow, but her most famous movie role was one of the young slaves in The Ten Commandments. Garver was cast as an extra in The Ten Commandments, but during filming director Cecil B. DeMille noticed her and wrote her into the movie. During the 1950s Garver did voice work on radio dramas, including Whispering Streets and Heartbeat Theater. In 1969, Garver released a Christmas song called "Lem, the Orphan Reindeer" on the Aquarian label, distributed by Bell Records. The song was written by Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, and E. Justin, and arranged by Jimmie Haskell.[citation needed] In 1966, while studying at UCLA, she auditioned for, and won, the role of "Cissy" Davis, the eldest of the three siblings on Family Affair. Garver provided the voices of Firestar, Storm and other female guest characters on the Saturday morning cartoon Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. In the 1990s Spider-Man cartoon series, she played the voice of Miss America. Garver was the voice of Alice Mitchell in the Dennis the Menace cartoon special Mayday for Mother and Pepper in Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos. Her other voice roles included the television series Fonz and the Happy Days Gang; The Tom & Jerry Kids Show; Droopy, Master Detective; The New Yogi Bear Show; The Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Show; The All-New Super Friends Hour and the cartoon special Marvin: Baby of the Year. In addition to her television work, Garver has lent her voice talents to numerous commercials, toys, and audiobooks.