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S4E36 - Still Toking with Brian O'Halloran (Actor, Producer, Podcaster)

Thats right Dante Hicks is in the house

Episode Notes

S4E36 -- Join us we dive into the mind of the funny man himself Brian O'Halloran. He'll take us on his journey from "Clerks" to "The Happening" and beyond. Brian Christopher O'Halloran (born December 20, 1969) is an American actor, producer, and podcaster best known for playing Dante Hicks in Kevin Smith's debut 1994 film Clerks and its 2006 and 2022 sequels Clerks II and Clerks III. He has also made appearances in most of Smith's View Askewniverse films, either as Dante Hicks or one of Dante's cousins. NEWS FLASH You can now purchase Toking with the Dead full novel here You can see all your past favorite episodes now streaming on OR Show your support by purchasing FB stars. Send stars to the stars

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Sponsorship Opportunities or email us at [email protected] [email protected] ————————————— Follow our guest ———————— Follow Still Toking With and their friends! ————————————— Produced by Leo Pond and The Dorkening Podcast Network Dead Dork Radio More about our guest: A second-generation Irish-American, O'Halloran was born in Manhattan, New York City, and lived in Old Bridge Township, New Jersey from the age of 13. His father died when O'Halloran was 15 years old.He graduated from Cedar Ridge High School.[6] He has two older brothers. O'Halloran's first role was as main character Dante Hicks in Kevin Smith's film Clerks, in 1994.[1] He has returned many times as Dante or another of the Hicks family in films by Smith. O'Halloran is the lead actor in the 2000 film Vulgar, about a small town clown who is traumatized after he is attacked during one of his performances. Writer/director Bryan Johnson wrote the lead specifically with O'Halloran in mind. He has worked on theatre productions since high school. He has said on the subject of doing theatre: Oh, yeah. It's the best training you can do, as an actor. To be in front of a live audience. There's no 'Stop, wait, oh geez, what was that line again?' It just sharpens your reflexes. It sharpens your interaction. And it definitely sharpens your memory because you have to know an entire show from beginning to end. Since Clerks, O'Halloran has primarily been a stage actor, working with the Boomerang Theatre Company, the New Jersey Repertory Company and the Tri-State Actors Theatre, among others.[citation needed] In 2020, O'Halloran began presenting his own pop culture podcast, The O'HalloRant, on YouTube.

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