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S3E44 - Still Toking with Rawle D Lewis (Actor/ Comedian)

Rawle D Lewis AKA Junior Bevel from Cool Runnings will be in the house

Episode Notes

Join us as we dive into the mind ofActor/Comedian Rawle D Lewis.. He'll take us on his journey from his early days of stand up comedy to portraying one of Jamaica's first bobsledders in the 1993 hit "Cool Runnings"

Rawle D. Lewis is an American actor and comedian best known for portraying Junior Bevil in the 1993 comedy film Cool Runnings. Lewis is originally from New Jersey and moved to Los Angeles in high school and did his first stand-up set at the age of seventeen. He described himself as being a “pretty shy guy in high school". A friend of his suggested he try stand-up comedy. Lewis almost considered quitting stand-up due to being embarrassed by his debut performance, in which heckling occurred. However, fellow comedian D.L. Hughley encouraged him not to quit. Now you can show your support by purchasing FB stars. Send stars to the stars

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More about our guest Lewis was thought to have been born in Jamaica at first. However, in an interview for the 229th edition of Empire, Lewis stated that “As a result, I lied on my resume. Because I was born in Trinidad, I claimed that I had done all of my actings there, figuring that no one would notice.” Despite this, Lewis claimed to be from the Caribbean in the same interview. In a separate interview, Lewis acknowledged that he has Jamaican ancestors. Lewis hails from New Jersey, according to Reap Mediazine In 1992, he was first recognized for his work in Cool Runnings. Lewis starred in the Spy Hard spoof comedy film in 1996. During the shooting of the film, he said in an Empire interview that Leslie Nielsen “was already like 70, at least, and he was still so entertaining.” Nielsen was “amazing” to work with, according to Lewis. Lewis also starred in the picture Driven, which came out the same year. In the 2001 film K-PAX, he played a security guard