Still Toking With
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S3E10 - Still Toking with Blanca Blanco ( Author/Actress)

Still Toking with Blanca Blanco ( Author/Actress)

join us as we dive into the mind of the amazing Blanca Blanco as she takes us on her journey from poverty to "Breaking the Mold" ————————————————— Follow Still Toking With and their friends! ————————————— Produced by Leo Pond and The Dorkening Podcast Network Dead Dork Radio Check out Green Matters: Award winning Actress featured in Forbes, Elle, Vogue Grazia, Breaking The Mold author Favorite Inspirational book 2022 "Breaking the Mold" ** Winner of the "Best Inspirational Book" literary award from the Hollywood Global Festival. Blanca Blanco is the very definition of self-made; coming from nothing to reach her success, with hard work, tenacity and intelligence. Her compelling, beautiful, motivational, story told in Breaking the Mold, tells of her background. Blanca is a supporter of the American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks, AIDS Society, The Salvation Army, and Step Up, and has worked as a counselor for End of Life hospice patients.

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